Friday, 23 April 2010

Ombre Manicure

This is my try at the Ombre Manicure. I first saw this on Audrey's blog and youtube video (aka Szuchnic).

I thought I would give it a go, and this is what I came up with.

I used 3 colours, NYC i134A, NYC 112A and La Femme Beauty un-named dark red/burgandy colour.

The middle finger is the original NYC 112A organge. For the little finger I used the NYC112A with La femme mixed in to darken the shade. The middle finger same, only a smaller amount of La femme to lighten the shade a little from the pinky finger. For the index and thumb I mixed in the NYC i134A to the orange shade, adding more to lighten more for the thumb.

My Favourite is the thumb colour, I am now looking to find a shade like this. Any suggestion?

A few days later, I got bored and did a fauxnad on my nails. The photo does not do this justice! Looked much better in reallity.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Blue and Pink Ruffian

This is my version of the Ruffian Manicure. I used pink for the moon and blue for the main nail. Again my photography lets me down! Must get some tips on how to best take photo's of my nails? All ideas welcome.

The Polish used was Collection 2000, Hoola Hoop 34 for the pink and Nocti N35 for the blue. Will post pictures of the bottles soon as I can take decent photos.

I must get a cardboard box next time in Sainsburys to make my own LightBox.

Pink and White Marble

This is my first post.

I did this manicure about a month ago. I saw this tutorial on Youtube and caught site of a tut done by Collette. I was inspired and spent several days practicing on some false nails. I finally did this one on me. The photo's are not great, (need loads of practice in taking them). But the "real" effect was better than it shows in these pics. I used NYC 113AA White base with Constance Carroll Ivory, La Femme Beauty Fucshia 11 and Hot Pink 24.