Friday, 31 December 2010


Before the sun sets in this year,
before the memories fade,
before the internet gets jammed,
Wish you and yours,
 a Happy Sparkling New Year 2011

NEW YEARS EVE - Head Banging

My New Years Eve Manicure is a head banging, sparkly, blingy teal colour.
I have gone for jewels galore on the ring finger and I love it!!!
Colour I have used is.................

LA Girl - Rockstar - Head Banging!  and loads of Jewels on the ring finger to say goodbye to 2010, But a big HELLO to a glorious 2011.

To all my readers.

OPI - Over the Taupe

Christmas day over and another manicure was in order.  Gosh, I have never changed my nail colour so much as I have this past week!  But hey it is fun.  Well I wanted a more subdued, calmer colour on, so I went Over the Taupe - OPI.  This is two coats of colour over Nail Envy of course.  To "bling" it up a little I jazzed up the ring finger with LA Girl - Rockstar - Live on Stage. This had a lovely gold and holographic glitter in it.  I only applied one thin coat and it looked real blingy!  Topped it with Seche Vite.

My Christmas Day Manicure

I was not doing Christmas this year.  And my theme was black!  So my nails also had to be black didn't they?  I can't remember which Black I used, but I did top all but the ring finger with some glitter and sparkle.  This came from the lovely LA Girl - Rockstar - Double Platinum.  There seems to be silver glitter in it as well and a little gold and not sure but maybe some holographic glitter?  As you move your hands the glitter changes colour and you see reds, blues and gold and silver.  It is just stunning

Nails Inc - Monmouth Street

Woo Hoo, start of the Christmas holidays.  I thought I would do another simple Christmas nail art design.  This time using Nails Inc Monmouth Street. Again I only used one thickish coat of the colour, and it covered quite well.  To top it off I used a BM plate to do the green holly design, and just to the ring finger added a little red stone.  Simple but elegant, I thought.
Apologies though, my cuticles and hands are in a dreadful state in these photo's.  The weather has been so cold, and the central heating on all the time, has surely taken its toll.  Must moisturise more.

Santa/Snowman Baby!

This was the last week of school, so I thought I would do a christmassy nail design.  The design on the ring finger is supposed to be a snowman, but most people thought it was santa!  I don't mind.
Anyway, I used OPI Red (a thick one coat, as I was not going to wear it too long), just a regular white and a silver striper pen, ohh and the googley eyes, the kids (and adults) loved these!

Sinful - Whats Your Name

Another December manicure to share.  I am trying to wear colours I have not as yet worn.  This one is another black with dark blue micro-glitter (unfortunately you can't see in the photo's).  Non-the-less it was lovely on. Two coats of colour and topped off with Seche Vite.

Sinful Colors - Hot Spot

I wore this waayyyy back beginning of December (6th).
A beautiful deep blue colour with flecks of miniscule sparkle.  I had longer nails then (have cut them back now).  Sorry for the lack of clean up.

Loved this one.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Hi everyone,
Sorry for not being on for a while.  I work in school and as you know, Christmas time, and it is busy busy busy.
I should be back soon, only 3 days left till end of term.
Thanks for looking and be back soon.