Monday, 11 April 2011

Look What I got in the Post.....

 ....... I should have shared with you last week but I just never got around to it.

Are you ready??            

Well this is what the posty bought me....
            Then on Thursday......
They took just over a week to arrive, all packaged really well, and best of all, all in tact.  I am really happy with the communication, packaging, delivery etc I got from beautycosmetic.  There were just two shades that were out of stock and some I only got 1 of.  But as you can see I got doubles and some triples!  Why I hear you ask, well, I shall be doing something special with those, so keep a look out in the very near future.
But for now here are the ones I will be keeping.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

B-Girlz it is Pink and Untried

I was going through my list of polish/lacquer last week and to my utter amazement (not!) I have SO many untrieds.  So therefore I am making it my mission to wear only those polishes/lacquers that are new and untried.
So obviously it called for a manicure change again this week.  This is the GORGEOUS B-Girlz by China Glaze. This is a lovely shimmery shade which is almost opaque in two coats followed a top coat of SV.   My natural nail at the tips is quite white/ish opaque anyway that no matter if I did put on three coats you would still see VNL.  So I stick with two coats.  Loving my nails but looking at these photos my cuticles need a serious seeing to!

Love Nails - Sinful

A manicure worn at the beginning of last week.  I would say this is a close dupe for OPI Sea? I Told You as worn here?  This is Love Nails by Sinful Colors @ only two coats, I think with three coats it would be damn close.  Any way like said two coats here and you can still see VNL.  But I don't mind, as this was lovely and shimmery.  I accented my ring finger a day later with my Sticky Back Plastic and some black polish, did not have time to do all nails.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Peace Baby - It's a Zebra....

30 MARCH 2011 
I thought I would have another go at stamping.  I always though manage to mess up a nail or two, and this time was no exception.  Me thinks I need to practice more!!  But still, I was happy'ish with the overall result.  The kids at school certainly like my zebra nails as did the lady at checkout at sainsbury's.  I used for the base colour Peace Baby - OPI, this is three coats and it took so long to dry and still had some bald patches.  But since I was going to stamp on them I didn't think it would matter too much.  The black used is Black by Honeypot and the image plate is Konad M57.  Topped off with a coat of Seche Vite.
See! plate was too small, and I couldn't match up on the thumb!

Banana Puddin'

28 MARCH 2011 
I wore this for the weekend just gone.  I got this after having seen this shade on the beautiful blog by Erika here.  It looked just so sunny and summery, I had to have it.  However, I was a bit disappointed that it was not quite as bright as I thought I would be.  None-the-less I still love it.  So no loss there.  Here it is in all its glory.  I would certainly say this is as close to true colour.  I hope you like it too.

Then a day later it got a little jazzed up.  I used strips of sticky back plastic and put them on at different angles on each nail, and to be honest I am so very pleased with this design.

GOSH - Purple Heart

 26 MARCH 2011
I have worn this before, way back in October 2010, but felt it needed an outing again.  What can I say, not much, I like it.

Another Pink Sponge Gradient.

22 March 2011
After my cup-a-cawfee, I needed something bright and simple.  This took all of about ten minutes to do.  I love this technique.  The colours I used, near the cuticle - China Glaze Something Sweet, Middle - China Glaze Make an Entrance and for the tips OPI - Vampire State Building.  Topped off with a coat of Seche Vite and voila!


After my OPI - Rumple's Wiggin' manicure, I felt like wearing something softer and not so "in your face".  So I went for this old timer, again by OPI a lovely strong milky coffee shade - Cupp-a-Cawfee.  This did not last too long on the nails as I found it TOO boring.  But I still like it!