Friday, 27 November 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Cartoons and Comics

We are now on week nine of the 52 week 40 Great Nail Art Idea's Challenge.

This week the prompt for everyone is Cartoons and Comics.

I had loads of ideas for this, but having come down with a cold and really bad cough I stuck to an easy manicure for this prompt.

I used #81 Tucana by Sinful Colors which matched perfectly with the nail decal for the cartoon/comic aspect of this manicure.

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Friday, 20 November 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Grey + Colour - Brush Stroke

We are now on week eight of the 52 week 40 Great Nail Art Idea's Challenge.

This week the prompt is 'Grey + Colour' and there is an individual pattern prompt for everyone, mine this week is brush stroke.

When I read this, my personal interpretation was that we had to use grey as a base and then add one colour.

So, as my pattern prompt was brush stroke, I did a grey base and used the 'colour' part in my brush stroke.

A simple but IMO quite an effective manicure.

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Friday, 13 November 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Your Job

We are now on week seven of the 52 week 40 Great Nail Art Idea's Challenge.

This week the prompt is 'Your Job'.

This could have gone one of several ways, but I choose this cute design which I'm sure you will all have seen before.

Can you guess where I work:

I work in an Infant school in Reception Year.  So I thought this would be the ideal manicure for this prompt.

I used two coats of white polish and then drew on the red and blue paper lines with acrylic paint.

My daughter (who is 21) wanted to help and apart from the thumb nail, she did the art work on all the nails.  We used sharpie pens to do the art work.

 A for apple, B for bat, C for cat and D for doll :)

We teach cursive writing at our school, so obviously above on my thumb cursive abc.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Delicate Gold Gradient with Decals - 21 May 2015

A delicate nude/gold gradient with some black water decals I got a while back from AliExpress.  As you can see I was in a hurry and I think I did this quite late at night, as the decal on my index finger particularly if not on point!.  Nonetheless, I loved wearing this.

As with any pale gradient I do, I usually start with a base coat of white and then use the darker colours on top. Not pictured, the white I used was by Honeypot Cosmetics.

This pack of had ten black decals and ten white (on the right, camera did not pick up the colour).

Delicate Pink Gradient Skittlette with Decals - 18 May 2015

Another gradient with water decals.

I kept my pinky nail from my last manicure here.  Then for the rest I did a simple pink/white gradient, added some matching rose water decals and voila, well not quite.

For the index and thumb, I painted the nails with a white base, let it dry, put some striping tape on and then did the gradient over the tape.  Pulled off the tape and where the lines were left white, I used a silver polish to accentuate them.  Then it was Voila.. :)
Sorry I can't remember which pink or white I used.  But a top coat of SV for a lovely shine.

Decal Accent - 13 May 2015

A nice little water decal manicure here.  I last used this pack of decals here.  I only used enough for four nails, therefore leaving plenty for another, if not two more manicures.

Here I only used a decal for an accent nail, and as my nails are a lot shorter I cut out what I needed and saved the rest for another manicure (I sure am frugal!).  I always paint my nails with a base of white before applying decals.  Let the base dry and then apply the decal over it for a lovely opaque look.
Above, side by side, amazing how one product used with different items or in a different way can give you a completely different look 

I love water decals.

Leopard Espresso! - 11 May 2015

After my beautiful (smiles to self :)) last manicure, a really plain down to earth one here.  I filed down my nails so they are a tad shorter, cuticles could do with some TLC also.

But hey ho, here a simple leopard print accent nail.  

 Also used on this manicure not pictured, a matte top coat.

Pink and Orange Gradient - 6 May 2015

I love doing gradient manicures as you may know if you read my blog.  They are so quick and easy to do (apart from the clean up, if you are messy) but I do it quite carefully so as to get as little on my skin as possible.

And boy did I love this on, bright, springy and sparkly.  I think I may have to do this one again real soon.

Colours above used for the gradient nails, with striping tape for the ring finger and some metal studs.

Colours above for the sparkly middle finger, I used Gilded lily as the base and then sponged on Medallion for extra sparkle.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Orange Nails for a Wedding - 4 May 2015

I attended several weddings this year.  For each I had a different outfit and of course I had to do nails to match.

This is a wedding I went to back in May - these are the nails I did to match my outfit.

I taped off the tips at different lengths, and sponged on with an orange and white polish (I am sorry I don't remember which I used).  I then sponged on some glitter and highlighted the shape with another shade of orange.  For the ring finger I used a silver glitter again highlighting the shape with an orange.

Above my nails on top of the dress of my outfit.

Vampy Accent - 29 April 2015

After the last manicure where my cuticles looked awful, here they are restored by the use of cuticle/nail oil.  I use an oil I've made myself, I must look into the ingredients and do a post for it.

Anyway here is a lovely vampy manicure with nice cuticles.


Dots N Roses - 26 April 2015

Oh dear my cuticles look awful, I think I stopped the oil :(  The manicure would of course look much better with good cuticles, but any hoot, some minty pink vintage rose nail art.