Thursday, 31 December 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - A collage...

..... a collage of my manicures to date from the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge that I am taking part in.  I have completed all 13 challenges so far.  I have had such fun, and I hope I keep going and complete the rest of the challenge starting back in the New Year 2016.

I know I've said that I have completed all thirteen challenges so for, but in the collage there are fourteen?  Well, that's because I did one of them twice, and shared both of them.

Part 3/3 - Final Collage of my Nails September - December 2015

Final collage of my nails as from  September - December 2015 :)

Part 2/3 - Collage of my Nails May - August 2015

A collage of my nails as from May - August 2015

Part 3 to follow :)

Part 1/3 - Collage of my Nails January - April 2015

A collage of my nails as from January - April 2015

Part 2 and 3 to follow :)

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - New Year

We are now on week thirteen of the 52 week 40 Great Nail Art Idea's Challenge.

This week the prompt is New Year.  Something girly and blingy.  Not quite the image I had in my head, but this is how it turned out.  I wanted a lighter pink, and in the bottle this pink looked a light shade but once on it dried a little darker.

Nonetheless, I am happy with this manicure.

Happy New Year 2016 everyone. x



See what other participants did in this challenge via the inlinkz below.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Day Red Gradient - 25 December 2015

This was my Christmas day manicure.  I did a gradient with a red and a maroon shade on the tips of my nails.  It was still too stark so I applied another coat of the red all over followed by a  coat of the glitter red by PIA on the whole nail and this is the result.  And look.... I still have the glitter pinky since 14 December.

The glitter pinky finally gave up the ghost by the end of Christmas day!  It was peeling off, so I took it off and replaced it with LA Girl Sands of Time.

I'm not sure which red I used, either OPI Red or Elf light red. The maroon shade was Nails Inc Savile Row.


Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Blue and Snowflake Water Decals - 17 December 2015

A blue Christmas manicure this time using some snowflake water decals on the ring and thumb fingers.  On the pinky, its still on from the last manicure.

Photo with blue flower.
Photo with white flower.

Red and Black Net Water Decal Skittlette - 14 December 2015

Another Christmassy manicure.  A lovely true red, two accent nails off set with some pretty black net water decals. And have to have glitter at Christmas, I applied a coat of NI George Yard and then two coats of Cuccio, a coat of SV and voila.

Muir Muir Gilded Lily & Water Decal - 18 November 2015

On the two accent nails I did a gradient with the two colours pictured below, I then added my famous water decals to accent them more.  In all I was very pleased with this regal looking manicure.

Plum Luck Saran Wrap Skittlette - 10 November 2015

I love the saran wrap (cling film to us Brits) method.  It is quick, easy and very effective.  I particularly lurrvve how this one turned out.  Love it.


CND Vinylux Salmon Run - 12 Oct 2015

Not a very good application on this manicure.  I should have gone with 3 thin coats I probably only did two, and very badly at that!  I have a thing for peachy colours, and I waited quite a few months until this shade was back in stock.

Maroon Butterfly Water Decal - 8 October 2015

On to October now, nearly there!

I've had this OPI colour for absolutely ages. Don't wear it enough, so here it is with matching butterfly water decal on ring finger for an accent nail.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge Collage - Part 1

In October I began a new nail art challenge set up by Debbie of Crumpet’s Nail Tarts. Its called '40 Great Nail Art Ideas'. The very first prompt was all about hobbies, and you can see my first post here.

The challenge will run for a year and on alternate weeks we have different prompts.

One week it is theme only and the next week it is a theme and a personal pattern prompt.

You can click on the link below to see what I've have done so far.

2 October - Hobbies
9 October - teal and zig zag
15 October - Geeks
23 October - orange, purple and green and accent nail
30 October - Halloween
5 November - Black &white and Aztec
13 November - Your job
20 November - Grey+colour and Brush Stroke
27 November - Cartoons and comics
4 December  - Glitter topper or Flakie and Camouflage
11 December - Winter
18 December  - Christmas

Here is a little collage of the nails so far as well.

Grey, Blue and Glitter - 30 September 2015

Two Essie colours here, I loved this on, so elegant.  The blue accent nail is a textured one coater, I applied a coat of SV to smooth it out.

Dusky Rose Stamping - 28 September 2015

I have several stamping plates but I am not good with them at all. So, as you will see from many previous posts, I stick to water decals or freehand art.  But I have to say that this turned out OK.