Sunday, 25 July 2010

Some Old Manicures

Sorry for not being on for a while.

It was the last day of term as you may know on Friday 23 July, (if you are in the UK). It has been a real busy half term. So I have not been able to post much.

I have loads of my manicures photo'd and saved and so am just going to share as many as I can in this one post, so please forgive if it is lonnnnggg:)

This was a manicure of Yellow comparisons that I did, I updated it for a day by stamping it, a bit of Konad and some BM Plates.
Turned up Turquoise by China Glaze, The colour in reality was much brighter and sharper. My camera did not seem to want to pick that up:(
A few days later, I updated the manicure by fauxnading it, you can see I am still a novice as it is a bit skew wiff!

A Blue by China Glaze, apologies, the name escapes me. My daughter did this manicure, she then updated it by putting on Rainbow by Gosh

Tantalize Me by China Glaze

This is Moody Blue by China Glaze, a lovely creme polish.
A colour drop, the actual colour though is much brighter on the nail me thinks.
Excuse the lack of clean up, I just noticed!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sponge Tiger Paws!

Hi all.

I did this manicure for PolishHoarder's Summer Sponging challenge a few weeks ago. My theme was a Summer Safari.
This was the easiest manicure I have even done and the quickest. I used China Glaze Lemon Fizz then OPI I'm His Coral Friend and OPI Your Villa or Mine? and a regular black nail striper pen.

Here are some more pictures, taken in my planter with Mint.

Nails Inc Green and CG Glitter

I did this manicure about two weeks ago.

I used Seven Dials by Nails Inc. The green in the bottle looks so different than it is on the nail. It comes out a bit darker on the nail. The application was not as good as other NI polish. I had to apply the second coat on a bit thicker to rid the bald patches. But the end result was aok. I did the tips with a black stripper pen. Took most of the black off and dipped it in the NI colour and this was the result.
A Few day's later, got bored and added CG He's Going in Circles. A beautiful micro glitter, this spruced this manicure right up.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Babbling Brookes-big-2nd-birthday giveaway

Babbling Brooke is having a great big 2nd birthday giveaway on her blog.
It is just awesome.
Are you still here? go on go check it out.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Manicures Gone Wrong!

Have you ever done a manicure, and then ruined it? I have and this post is about my manicures that looked ok, but then something happened, and ruined it!

Sunday 25 April Manicure
I wanted a soft pale colour, I went with OPI Cameo Role, which was ok, I then decided to Konad it, again not too bad. Then I went to bed! and this is what happened. I went to work with it, hiding my nails in shame. All the kids thought they were great and liked the flowers, how innocent they are, but I was in ashamed!

......So Monday 26 April, I couldn't bare it anymore and had to change my nail polish.

I decided, against my head saying "no" and thought I would do a Ruffian Manicure! I can't even remember the colours I used as again it was a disaster. One or two nails looked ok, but it had not gone on like I wanted. The colours were bleeding into each other. Oh Dear. But it was late at night, I had to leave it again!

Next day went to work, the kids loved it, I had changed my nail polish (this set a trend in them asking now, on a daily basis, in the playground, "what colour have got on your nails today.......?"

Tuesday 27 April, changed it slightly, I added a matte coat (Manglaze).

This lasted a few days, and got fed up and changed again! This is the most I have changed my colour in a working week!

Thursday 29 April
I changed to Nails Inc. The Thames. A lovely grey colour, nails in photo are not good, as you can see chipped already, all that washing up you see! I had later in the day bought my new buy: Gosh Rainbow. Thought would try it out on my pinky.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Awesome Giveaway

Kae The Hungry Asianis having an anniversary and birthday giveaway. It closes 14th July, so go on and join her awesome blog and enter.