Sunday, 25 September 2011

Color Club - Pucci-licious

I had been lemming this colour for so long, and boy am I glad i have it now.  It is just gorgeous.  I had so many lovely comments on this colour at school.  It went on a bit streaky on the first coat but the second one evened out beautifully.  I only applied two and then topped with SV.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Back to School!! Seeing Red!

This is from three weeks ago when the new school year started.  Did not want to go back, could have done with a few more weeks of summer holiday with the kids :o(

So to show my anger and sorrow, I wore red lol :o)  This is a lovey deep red by Nails Inc called Tate.  It went on smoothly and this is just two coats with a top coat of SV.  Loved it.

Friday, 23 September 2011

My Nail Lacquer Storage - Part Three


Sorry for being AWOL for a few weeks.  I work in a school and term started 3 weeks ago.  I have a new job and it has been mega hectic.  But I am back now and would like to share the final part of my nail lacquer collection. This is Helmer number three....   so here goes...
My Seche/OPI/Misc. collection
Special Glitters and Yellow 
My dark burgandy collection
Oranges and not lemons!
 And there you have it.  My Nail Polish/lacquer addiction collection. xx

Friday, 2 September 2011

My Nail Lacquer Storage - Part Two


As the title suggest, part two of my nail lacquer collection.  This is Helmer number two. 
Special FX and foil draw.
Glitters and some nail striper and Eyeko.
Light/baby pinks and some base/top coats.
Some lacquer you have to have two... or three of!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Nail Lacquer Storage - Part One


I got my first Helmer back in April.  I only bought the one thinking it would be enough.  But sadly by the end of the week I had to drag my husband back to IKEA to get another one!!  This suited me well in storing all my lacquer but since April I have managed to acquire a few more bottles so needed another Helmer.  So last week we popped back to IKEA to get another one.  This time I bought two just in case I might need another by the end of the year!!   So today with help from my youngest, we made up the third one and sorted all the lacquer out once again.    Oh dear!!!  I think I have a seriously bad lacquer addiction.
This is Helmer number one and it contains all my black/grey/silver, red, green, purple, blue and pink nail lacquers. 
 ..... to be continued...................