Monday, 28 February 2011

Patchwork Manicure.........

 .......... Gone Wrong.

I should have left my nails alone. But nope, I thought "how hard could it be?"  Well it was hard, Chloe, hats off to you, you are a master at this.  Mine just looked messy and just not right at all.  If I had applied the black and left it at that, it looked great, but adding the other green, it just did not work for me. This will go down as a disaster manicure for me unfortunately.  But I am not going to give up, I will give it another go!  But for now, off with the polish, file down and shape those nails (been growing out splits) and re-polish a-fresh.

Friday, 25 February 2011

LA Girl - Can U Dig It?

I have a new colour on today.  I got this a few weeks ago from Cherry Culture. It is from the Disco collection by LA Girl.  It is a lovely lime green colour, just the reminder I need that Spring is on its way, especially today with the sun shining.  Anyway this is called Can U Dig It?  It was very sheer and I put on two thick coats (really should have been 3 even coats but hey no).  None-the-less it is still gorgeous.  The photo's are showing a slightly lighter shade, in real life it is just ever so slightly brighter.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

OPI - I've "Red" The Script

Today I am wearing another one of my un-trieds.  I got this about a year ago.  It is by OPI and is called I've "Red" the Script.  It is lovely red with a slight blue tone to it.  It went on lovely although I must admit for my nails the wide brush, is not so good.  It was almost opaque in two coats (I should have done three but couldn't be bothered!). It is topped off with OPI top coat.

Friday, 18 February 2011

LA Girl - Matte Blue Twilight

Mid week I changed my manicure from the Valentines to this one.  I love blue and had this in my un-worn box since last year!  Over my Nail envy this is two coats of LA Girl Matte Blue Twilight.  I only left is Matte on my ring finger and put a shiny coat of OPI top coat on the others.
In this last photo however I thought I would jazz it up just a tad.  I used Deep Blue Ocean by Sinful Colors.  This is in a jelly base which is blue with multitone blue glitter/flakes in it.

Monday, 14 February 2011

My Valentine's Day Manicure

A BIG thanks to Colette .  Totally loved her design and I thought would give it a go on my shorter nails.  I used OPI Decked out in Red and the white NYC i134A.

Blazin' Nails ♥

I changed my manicure about 3 times last week.  This was my favourite of all three.  Such a bright and delightful colour, which I can't wait to wear again.
It is by LA Girl, Flare and the colour is Blazin'.  A shocking, vibrant almost dark neon pink.  Just love it.  This is two coats and completely opaque.  Topped off with OPI top coat.  Love♥,  love♥, love♥!  

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cherry Culture Haul and My Special Milani Set.

A few weeks back CC has a 20% discount on everything.  I took advantage and got some polishes I had been saving for. Can you guess how many I got...... I am too embarrassed to say!
I also managed to get my hands on these lovely Milani specialty glitter nail lacquers.

Sorry about the photo quality but I just can't seem to photograph when natural light has gone and the house lights come on!  But if you want to see perfect pictures have a look here at Scrangie's post (thanks Scrangie).

Espresso Myself!

OK, I saw this earlier on Chloe's post here, how amazing are her maincures.  Anyway I had a similar colour on so thought would have a go at the stamping too as I had the same BM plate.  For my stamping though I used OPI Espresso Your Style.  A deep shimmery brown shade.  My stamping is not as good and it does not do the colour any justice at all.  But it will have to do and I will just have to practice stamping a bit more.

Barry M - Pure Turquoise

Although I loved my multicolour crackle manicure over the weekend, I got pretty bored with it.  So I just had to redo my nails.  I 'd bought Barry M Pure Turquoise a few months back and it is one of my un-trieds.  When I say 'my un-trieds' I mean my daughter pretty much wore it when I got it, well before me!

Anyway this is just a gorgeous colour.  It looked and felt especially nice to wear today as the sun was out and it was not freezing outside!

Application was great, this is two coats over my Nail Envy and completely opaque .  Top coat is also by OPI.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Multicolour Crackle

I have been busy making my tomato sauce in bulk today.  So after all on hob and simmering away, I set to paint my nails.

Just messing around and this is what I came up with......   WARNING PHOTO HEAVY.
Top two without top coat
Last two with Nail Envy as top coat

Friday, 4 February 2011

GOSH - My New Sparklies!

The other day I went up to the highstreet and popped into Superdrug.  They have loads of 3 for 2, half price etc deals at the moment.  I spotted these two lovelies at half price and HAD to have them.
The one on the left is Silver Star (563) and one on the right is Magic Star (562).
I put a coat of the Magic Star over  the purple Suedefx manicure on my ring finger.  This has a lot of different colour glitters in it, red, blue, green, silver. It is lovely.  I think it would be quite sheer on its own so probably best for layering over other colours.

Oh My Poor Nails!

As you may have read, my nails have not been well!  They have been peeling and splitting.  I have been taping them up with silicone wraps but a few days later I have to re-do them.  I got totally fed up yesterday and took to the nail clippers and ........  Yep, I cut them back.  They are just so short now, I hate it.

But to cheer myself up I put on a dark shade.  I bought this from Superdrug a few months back and this is it's first wearing.  It is a brand called FAMOUS by Sue Moxley.  This is a suede effect shade (labeled suedefx on the bottle).  Unfortunately it does not have a name only a number, and this is No. 25, a gorgeous deep purple with lots of silver shimmer running through it.

There is a little tipware, but this is after a busy day cooking at school baking dinosaur cookies with our class! So lots of clearing/cleaning up after!.

Anyway I like it, do you?
IRL colour is just a tad darker
No flash, in the sun! 
Again in the sun, no flash!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

An old Lilac Favourite

Hi again, this weekend I changed my manicure and went for this old favourite of mine.  A beautiful lilac with a hint of pink and a slight shimmer.  It is Shangri-la-la Lilac by OPI.  I have had this colour for several years now and it is in tip-top condition still.  This is two coats over OPI Nail Envy, and with a top coat of Seche Vite.  I had to still apply patches on several tips as they are still splitting and peeling :o(.