Monday, 31 May 2010

Free Nail Polish with In Style Magazine

In Style Mink and In Style Beach.

I managed to get two Nails Inc polishes with In Style Magazine this week. There were three shades to choose from, A dark coral red, beige and a pink shade.

The first shop I went into they had the coral red and pink. As I have so many pinks, I decided to give that one a miss. I really only wanted the beige but since they did not have it, I went for the coral red.

The next day I sent my dearest DH hunting the beige for me in London! But later same day I popped into Sainsburys, who did not have the magazine, so I went to the Newsagent a short walk away, and hey presto, found the beige shade. I had to then frantically text DH not to bother looking as I had found what I wanted.

As it happens DH later told me that there were plenty of the red and pink shades in the magazines, but some had been filleted, and we are assuming this was the beige shade? Who knows?

Anyway, this is my manicure on my short nails today with the Beige colour, called In Style Mink.

They are a bit chipped as have been helping DH with the last of the clearing of the garden weeds and cut backs.

The Big Chop Off!

It had to be done. The long talons (for me anyway) have gone. They are a nice short length now ready the next and last half term of school. We have a wedding at the end of July so they should, hopefully be a nice long length by then.

Left Hand

Not seen often, Right Hand.

Anyway, you saw how long they were on the Blue Mufty Day post I did earlier.

This is the length now. Not too short and still polishable, so I am quite happy.

Left Hand

Left Hand

Another of my right hand.

Blue Mufty Day

Friday 28 May 2010 was a Mufty day at school and the theme was Blue.

I had to change my Manicure now didn't I? Yes I did.

I had a whole range of blues to choose from, (about 22 shades! I will share these with you later).

Anyway, my 6 year old son chose this shade for me to wear:

It is OPI Sea? I Told You. It is a lovely colour and was so easy to put on. It was thin but was opaque in two coats. It has a lovely shimmer to it and it matched my blouse I wore down to a tee!

Anyway here are some more photos, OPI Sea? I Told You.

My nails are also in good condition now, well on my left hand anyway. The right hand two have split but are still good. This is the longest I have had my nails for a long time. I love them this long, but they are not practical, busy working mum and all that! I think it has taken about six weeks to grow them this long.


They were chopped down this weekend, just like the shrubs and weeds in the garden.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

China Glaze and Konad

NOTW - 25 April '10

This was Nail of the week after my Avon nail colouration.

I saw this on BabyD @ Polish and Powder's blog and thought I would try it too.

I didn't have China Glaze For Audrey or plate M57, I also didn't think I had OPI Bare it in Trafalgar Square (I found out later as I consulted my OPI list that I did!).

Anyway, I went for China Glaze Custom Kicks for the main manicure colour. I liked this colour in the bottle, but on the nail it was fabulous. It was opaque in one coat but two coats made it perfect.

On the ring finger I ended up using OPI Sand in my Suit and plate M61. I used some black polish for the konad and just used CK to colour in some of the spots.

The end result ...................

What do you think?

Look What the Avon Manicure ........

...... did to my nails.

I do my manicures weekly, on a Sunday. When I took off the lovely dark Avon/CG manicure, look what I found underneath.....

The colour had stained some of my nails, not all, just some. I had my Nail Envy as usual underneath as a base coat. Never had a problem before, don't know what happened here.

I tried soaking in lemon juice, but it did not work at all. I was hoping to wear a light colour, it did not happen.

Updating the Avon Manicure....

...... a few days later I thought I would add french tips.

I used.........

A pink colour do you think? Nope, I did not. I used China Glaze Devotion, a silver colour. But a few minutes into drying the colour from below seeped through and turned the lovely silver into a pink! I had a top coat on the original manicure so...?

I didn't mind the result, it came out OK, if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Avon Change Artist Colour

NOTW on 18 April 2010.

This manicure was done using Avon Change Artist Colour.

I used the Shimmering Red/Clear polishes from Avon. The purpose of this duo is that you put on the main nail colour (in this case the red) and then you paint over a pattern like a nail tip, diagonal stripe etc. with the clear polish. This is then supposed to change the colour.

It is not very noticeable at all???

Can you tell?

It is a nice enough colour, it was quite easy to apply and the colour has real depth to it. I am sure I have OPI's and Zoya polishes that are quite similar though. Sorry about the lack of clean up, I am getting better at it now before taking photos.

China Glaze - NOTD on 2 April 2010

This was NOTW on 2nd April.

I love my dark colours, normally blacks or near blacks. But this is just as lovely.

It is a CG polish and I can't remember which one????

It is either Stella or Let's Groove?? Probably the latter! I will have to swacth these again, duh.

Anyway it is a gorgeous colour, went on really well in just two coats.

Love it.

Monday, 10 May 2010

OPI Jade is the New Black

This was NOTD back in March on the 29th!

The polish is a lovely colour. It was a bit thinner than other OPI's that I own, but it still applied ok.

I applied two coats and I must have rushed the application, as there are some "bald" patches! opps!

But I like this colour very much. My colleagues and the children in school were very impressed with the "green" colour. In a good way of course.

A few days later at work we had a mufty day and as it was Easter weekend coming up, I drew a criss cross pattern (to look like baskets) and I drew a little bunny on the ring fingernails. What do you think?

Monday, 3 May 2010

Gosh! Blue Manicure

My daughter did this manicure this weekend.

She used wanted a blue manicure and used OPI Dating a Royal. She is young, so is a bit messy applying. Having said that, this is a huge improvement from about a month ago!

And then.......

..... over the top she put on one coat of Gosh Rainbow.

The flakes on this are amazing. I have wanted to get the NFu Oh version, but can't get it here in the UK. This is very similar. It is also very similar to the Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, another shade not available here!

I bought the first bottle of Gosh Rainbow in Superdrug last week, and whilst out shopping today bought another back up bottle!

Thanks for looking.