Monday, 31 January 2011

ADMIRE this!

My manicure last week was this lovely shimmer by China Glaze.  It is the most gorgeous pink shimmer, not a colour I wear often, but since I had it, it had to be worn.  This is two coats over my OPI Nail Envy and top coated with OPI top coat this time.  But as mentioned in my last post my nails are awful at the moment, peeling and splitting.  I have put some patches on the ends to try and hold out the moisture.  You can see them on most nails!!  Just going to wait for them to grow out a little bit more and then I think I will have to cut them back.

If anyone has any tips as to how to stop this happening please comment.
with flash
Natural, without flash
Two days later, I got bored.  I had seen this effect done by Chloe on her blog using scotch tape.  I did not have scotch tape but have done something similar using sticky back plastic (the stuff you use to cover the kids school books with!).  So I took my scissors to it and cut out a jagged design and this is what I came up with.....

Victoria - ASOS Paints by Ciate

Sorry for not being on for a while.  Busy with work and kids etc....

But I would like to share a manicure I had on about two weeks ago.  After having to cut down my nails, I wanted to cheer up and put on my dark colours again.  So I opted for another never worn colour, Victoria by ASOS Paints.  This was a lovely dark plum/vampy shade, opaque in two coats and application was ok.  Sorry for messy cuticles.
Colour was lovely, but my nails seems to be in a bad shape at the moment.  They are splitting and peeling.  I know it is my fault, I have been very lazy in not applying cuticle oil over the past few weeks.  Having the central heating on all the time is not helping, but I am not going to freeze.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

:o( Cut Down!! :o(

I guess with the bad weather my nails have not been in too good a condition.  Mind you I have not looked after them as much as I could/should have!  It is cold here and the central heating is nearly always on so my nails have been suffering.  Lack of hand and cuticle moisturising has had a bad effect. My nails have been breaking at the most awkward of places and I have been using silicone paper and glue for about a month on and off on a few nails........
But enough was enough and I took to the clippers, yes the clippers and cut down my nails yesterday. :o(

So I felt quite sad and did not want too much colour and so I went for this pale old beauty of mine.  OPI Abalone Shell, a lovely sheer white with a purple shimmer to it.  Now I must look after my nails and start cuticle nourishing again.

Friday, 7 January 2011

2011 - My First Manicure of the Year

My New Year Eve Manicure lasted a very long time.  I was surprised that the jewels did not drop off, what with back to work and lots of washing dishes!! But enough was enough and I changed my manicure last night.
 I have gone for this gorgeous, dark, seductive colour by Nails Inc - Crown Court.  It is lovely deep plum shade with a slight red shimmer running through it.  Lovely this time of year, or any other time really

Taken indoors with flash, you can see the slight shimmer
Taken outdoors, natural, oh dear excuse the dry skin, need to moisturise!