Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Nails for November and December

These were my nails as in November and December this year.

I don't remember some of the makes or colour names for some of these manicures.  I have a stash of the colours upstairs but am too tired to go up right now to check.  But if I get time I will edit this post with the names if I can.

For now....

This is a Color Club lacquer, I can't remember which one at the moment, but isn't it holo'ish.  Lovely.
Vibrant red, again don't know name or make :o(
Color Club - JewelTone Blue, this is lovely, but my nails are not!  Lots of chipping and splitting and breaking going on this month.  The weather is colder and the central heating is going on, perhaps the reason?
A black as I do not like my nails, boo hoo!
Nails getting better so why not be happy, a happy pink to go with them.
A bit of bling, not too much.
Well it is December and the Christmas season is upon us again.  Wow nearly the end of another year.  Is 2011 really nearly over?  I just can't believe where the time has gone.
So... what a way to start the jolly season than with some bling and glitter.  I can't remember the names but do know the red is Color Club and the silver is the silver I think.
Sinful Color - Fiji, what lovely purple.
The dark nails are in a shade by ASOS and a santa for the ring finger accent nail using acrylic paints.
Well this week all sort of xmas based activities going on at school as the end of term approaches.  So I did some christmassy nails.
Unfortunately, not a good start to the holidays, I was very down and so my nails fit my mood for christmas! :o(
Christmas over and done with so some holographic blingy nails were needed.  This is Catherine Arley 674. The light is not good and this is the best photo I could take to show off some of the holo in this.
CA 674 updated with some taped nail art.
And that is it folks.  Another year over and so many different manicures done this year.

I hope you all had a good christmas and here is looking forward to the year 2012 and all that it may bring.

Thank you all who read this little blog of mine I hope to have more for you in 2012.  xx

Friday, 30 December 2011

Why I have been AWOL for a few months....

LONG POST.................
Apologies for not being on here since September.  But that is when I went back to work and a new role at the school.  It kind of took over my life and then what with work and home life it just got too much to keep up with my blog.  But I did photo my nails every week.  I just did not have the time to edit them and put on here.
But I took this evening off to do all that and post my manicures for the past 3 months.

So here goes:

This manicure still sporting my rounded nails tips.  This was a lovely shade and went on perfectly and opaque in two coats.

Multicoloured sponged manicure, using obviously many colours over a white base coat.  Note new squoval nail tips.  I got very bored with the rounded tips and went back to my square nails.
But after a few days I got bored with the above colours and painted them with Models Own Purple Grey. 


Lots here again, some have the bottles of lacquer photographed so easy to know what I used, others not so easy and I who knows what I used....  But where I can I will tell you.

Here I can say I used China Glaze Oh How street it is, a gorgeous vibrant orange.  I loved this colour.  I know you can see VNL but my nails tips are quite white so it can be very difficult to cover up.  I know some people don't like this, but I really don't mind at all.
This next one is an OPI shade a lovely rich dark burgundy colour.  Only problem is I can't remember the name!
This is either China Glaze or LA Girl, not sure which, but is was black/blue with micro glitter in it.

 My Favourite colours and manicure.  I love this and have done it a few time previously also.
This is Nails Inc - Prince Of Wales Drive here for Haloween nails.  Freehand pumpkin nail art for each nail!
Thanks if you have looked at this,  I will later on post my nails for November and December. :o)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Color Club - Pucci-licious

I had been lemming this colour for so long, and boy am I glad i have it now.  It is just gorgeous.  I had so many lovely comments on this colour at school.  It went on a bit streaky on the first coat but the second one evened out beautifully.  I only applied two and then topped with SV.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Back to School!! Seeing Red!

This is from three weeks ago when the new school year started.  Did not want to go back, could have done with a few more weeks of summer holiday with the kids :o(

So to show my anger and sorrow, I wore red lol :o)  This is a lovey deep red by Nails Inc called Tate.  It went on smoothly and this is just two coats with a top coat of SV.  Loved it.

Friday, 23 September 2011

My Nail Lacquer Storage - Part Three


Sorry for being AWOL for a few weeks.  I work in a school and term started 3 weeks ago.  I have a new job and it has been mega hectic.  But I am back now and would like to share the final part of my nail lacquer collection. This is Helmer number three....   so here goes...
My Seche/OPI/Misc. collection
Special Glitters and Yellow 
My dark burgandy collection
Oranges and not lemons!
 And there you have it.  My Nail Polish/lacquer addiction collection. xx

Friday, 2 September 2011

My Nail Lacquer Storage - Part Two


As the title suggest, part two of my nail lacquer collection.  This is Helmer number two. 
Special FX and foil draw.
Glitters and some nail striper and Eyeko.
Light/baby pinks and some base/top coats.
Some lacquer you have to have two... or three of!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Nail Lacquer Storage - Part One


I got my first Helmer back in April.  I only bought the one thinking it would be enough.  But sadly by the end of the week I had to drag my husband back to IKEA to get another one!!  This suited me well in storing all my lacquer but since April I have managed to acquire a few more bottles so needed another Helmer.  So last week we popped back to IKEA to get another one.  This time I bought two just in case I might need another by the end of the year!!   So today with help from my youngest, we made up the third one and sorted all the lacquer out once again.    Oh dear!!!  I think I have a seriously bad lacquer addiction.
This is Helmer number one and it contains all my black/grey/silver, red, green, purple, blue and pink nail lacquers. 
 ..... to be continued...................