Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Nail Lacquer Storage - Part One


I got my first Helmer back in April.  I only bought the one thinking it would be enough.  But sadly by the end of the week I had to drag my husband back to IKEA to get another one!!  This suited me well in storing all my lacquer but since April I have managed to acquire a few more bottles so needed another Helmer.  So last week we popped back to IKEA to get another one.  This time I bought two just in case I might need another by the end of the year!!   So today with help from my youngest, we made up the third one and sorted all the lacquer out once again.    Oh dear!!!  I think I have a seriously bad lacquer addiction.
This is Helmer number one and it contains all my black/grey/silver, red, green, purple, blue and pink nail lacquers. 
 ..... to be continued...................


  1. Oooh great collection and storage, love how everything is organised into colours, x

  2. wow! well I've actually seen this before because i live you but it's amazing how many nail polishes you have!

  3. what an awesome collection so far! i can't wait to see the rest :D

  4. @Nicole - Thanks Nicole. My daughter helped me first time round in April and for the third my youngest.

    @Ollie B - thanks Ollie for you help! (my youngest)

    @Irishenchantment - Thanks, I am an addict right?


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