Tuesday, 11 January 2011

:o( Cut Down!! :o(

I guess with the bad weather my nails have not been in too good a condition.  Mind you I have not looked after them as much as I could/should have!  It is cold here and the central heating is nearly always on so my nails have been suffering.  Lack of hand and cuticle moisturising has had a bad effect. My nails have been breaking at the most awkward of places and I have been using silicone paper and glue for about a month on and off on a few nails........
But enough was enough and I took to the clippers, yes the clippers and cut down my nails yesterday. :o(

So I felt quite sad and did not want too much colour and so I went for this pale old beauty of mine.  OPI Abalone Shell, a lovely sheer white with a purple shimmer to it.  Now I must look after my nails and start cuticle nourishing again.

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