Friday, 4 February 2011

Oh My Poor Nails!

As you may have read, my nails have not been well!  They have been peeling and splitting.  I have been taping them up with silicone wraps but a few days later I have to re-do them.  I got totally fed up yesterday and took to the nail clippers and ........  Yep, I cut them back.  They are just so short now, I hate it.

But to cheer myself up I put on a dark shade.  I bought this from Superdrug a few months back and this is it's first wearing.  It is a brand called FAMOUS by Sue Moxley.  This is a suede effect shade (labeled suedefx on the bottle).  Unfortunately it does not have a name only a number, and this is No. 25, a gorgeous deep purple with lots of silver shimmer running through it.

There is a little tipware, but this is after a busy day cooking at school baking dinosaur cookies with our class! So lots of clearing/cleaning up after!.

Anyway I like it, do you?
IRL colour is just a tad darker
No flash, in the sun! 
Again in the sun, no flash!

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