Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nail Water Decal Haul - AliExpress - Part 2

Hi all, This is the second of my haul for nail water decals.  Again it is from AliExpress.  From placing my order to receiving the goods it took 17 days.  Pretty fast.  Again really well packaged, in a bubble padded envelope.

I ordered:

Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Nail Water Decals

Oriental Blossom Nail Water Decals 

They also sent me 3 free pressies:

And the price for a total of 100 decals...... $21.98 USD or £13.26 that's about .13pence each.  Not bad at all.
I had been trying to order the blue and white porcelain decals from the Ebay, but each time the seller came back saying something was wrong with the decals and to try again.  So when I saw these, I had to order them.

The seller was really helpful again.  There were a total of 24 designs to choose from for the white and blue decals I chose 10 and 23 designs for the blossom decals to chose from, again I chose 10.


These are the blue designs I bought.
These are the blossom designs I bought.
So there you have it.  I have 23 designs to do manicures with.  So many items so little time.  Which one would you like to see first?  Anyone else bought these, what are your thoughts?  Would be great to hear from you all.


Thanks for looking.