Saturday, 12 December 2015

AliExpress Haul - 19 June 2015

Right, first off WARNING, picture heavy

So, back in June of this year I had another big haul from AliExpress. I love nail Water Decals and as they are such good value I had to order me some.... and then some more.... oops :)

The parcel came very well wrapped....
I ordered a pack of 50 full nail water decals.
60 sheets mixed flower, bows, butterfly etc water decals.
Another mixed set of water decals, lot of different ones in here, flowers, full nail, cartoon, french nail tips etc.
 Another mixed set.
 16 sheets French Style White Lace Flower Self Adhesive Nail Stickers.
84 Sheets of gorgeous full nail water decals.  I love the designs on these, they are so pretty, something for everyone and every occasion.
Another set of flower water decals - 60 sheets in each pack
And finally.....
20 Sets 3d Laser Crystal Diamond Nail Art Stickers - Self Adhesive.
Now just need enough time and nails to use these lovely decals/stickers.

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