Sunday, 18 July 2010

Nails Inc Green and CG Glitter

I did this manicure about two weeks ago.

I used Seven Dials by Nails Inc. The green in the bottle looks so different than it is on the nail. It comes out a bit darker on the nail. The application was not as good as other NI polish. I had to apply the second coat on a bit thicker to rid the bald patches. But the end result was aok. I did the tips with a black stripper pen. Took most of the black off and dipped it in the NI colour and this was the result.
A Few day's later, got bored and added CG He's Going in Circles. A beautiful micro glitter, this spruced this manicure right up.


  1. Pretty cool effect. Looks kinda faded/worn. :)

  2. Wow! That is fabulous. I love the nail art and THEN layering the ChG layering. :)

  3. Thanks ladies, I prefered the CH layerd look. The CG glitter polish is just beautiful, just wish I could get the others.


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