Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Manicures Gone Wrong!

Have you ever done a manicure, and then ruined it? I have and this post is about my manicures that looked ok, but then something happened, and ruined it!

Sunday 25 April Manicure
I wanted a soft pale colour, I went with OPI Cameo Role, which was ok, I then decided to Konad it, again not too bad. Then I went to bed! and this is what happened. I went to work with it, hiding my nails in shame. All the kids thought they were great and liked the flowers, how innocent they are, but I was in ashamed!

......So Monday 26 April, I couldn't bare it anymore and had to change my nail polish.

I decided, against my head saying "no" and thought I would do a Ruffian Manicure! I can't even remember the colours I used as again it was a disaster. One or two nails looked ok, but it had not gone on like I wanted. The colours were bleeding into each other. Oh Dear. But it was late at night, I had to leave it again!

Next day went to work, the kids loved it, I had changed my nail polish (this set a trend in them asking now, on a daily basis, in the playground, "what colour have got on your nails today.......?"

Tuesday 27 April, changed it slightly, I added a matte coat (Manglaze).

This lasted a few days, and got fed up and changed again! This is the most I have changed my colour in a working week!

Thursday 29 April
I changed to Nails Inc. The Thames. A lovely grey colour, nails in photo are not good, as you can see chipped already, all that washing up you see! I had later in the day bought my new buy: Gosh Rainbow. Thought would try it out on my pinky.


  1. cute mani !!
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  2. Thanks Lily nail. I went but missed it. next time hey?


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