Sunday, 25 July 2010

Some Old Manicures

Sorry for not being on for a while.

It was the last day of term as you may know on Friday 23 July, (if you are in the UK). It has been a real busy half term. So I have not been able to post much.

I have loads of my manicures photo'd and saved and so am just going to share as many as I can in this one post, so please forgive if it is lonnnnggg:)

This was a manicure of Yellow comparisons that I did, I updated it for a day by stamping it, a bit of Konad and some BM Plates.
Turned up Turquoise by China Glaze, The colour in reality was much brighter and sharper. My camera did not seem to want to pick that up:(
A few days later, I updated the manicure by fauxnading it, you can see I am still a novice as it is a bit skew wiff!

A Blue by China Glaze, apologies, the name escapes me. My daughter did this manicure, she then updated it by putting on Rainbow by Gosh

Tantalize Me by China Glaze

This is Moody Blue by China Glaze, a lovely creme polish.
A colour drop, the actual colour though is much brighter on the nail me thinks.
Excuse the lack of clean up, I just noticed!


  1. Great colors! I really like the stamping over TuT :D

  2. great manicures! i'm now a follower =]


Thanks for looking.