Friday, 15 April 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge Collage - Part 2

As you may be aware, in October I began a nail art challenge set up by Debbie of Crumpet’s Nail Tarts called '40 Great Nail Art Ideas'.

I completed the first quarter of the challenge back in December 2015 and you can see the links to my nails here.

This is a collage for part two of the challenge which I completed in March 2016 (woo hoo, half way there).

You can click on the links below to see what I did for the second quarter.

25 December - New Year
08 January - Pale Blue Base With Chevrons
15 January - Things That Fly
22 January - 3 Shades Of Purple With Circles
29 January - Films
05 February - Aqua Or Turquoise With Decals
12 February - Love
19 February - Red With Dots
26 February - Fashion
04 march     - Pastels With Dotting Tools
11 march    -  Food
18 march    -  3 Shades Of Green With Embellished/3d
25 march    - Spring

Here is a collage of the nails as did in this part 2:

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