Friday, 15 April 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Pink & Lilac Plus Fishbraid

Week 28 of the 52 week 40 Great Nail Art Idea's Challenge.

The prompt for the challenge this week is Pink and Lilac with my personal pattern prompt of Fishbraid.

Colours were easy to choose and the pattern prompt seemed easy enough!  I mean I'd seen plenty of tutorials on how to achieve this look.  How hard could it be???

Well quite difficult as I found!  I just could not get my head round how the braid would work and which colour goes where so as to show a true braid.  I looked at many pictures, tutorials and even practised with pen and paper and even some ribbon.

I gave up in the end and found a great tutorial on a gradient fishbraid, so that is what I ended up doing.

I am not giving up though, this is a personal challenge and I will do a true Fishbraid manicure and post as soon as :)


See what other participants did in this challenge via the inlinkz below:


  1. beautiful! I really like the fishbraid technique using striping tape rather than the overlaping one!


Thanks for looking.