Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Indian Flag Skittlette for World Week

We are celebrating World Week at school this week.  Each class gets a different country, in Reception we have India.  It has been fab.  We have made flags, tasted poppadoms, danced, listened to music, made holi patterns, played instruments etc.

But I had to do my nails to celebrate, and this is what I have worn since yesterday.  The Indian Flag Skittlette.  For the two accent flag nails I did a sponge gradient and then drew on the wheel in the middle with acrylic paint.

Items Used:
OPI Nail Envy
Color Club - Twiggy - Green
LA Girl - Rock Star - Crowd Surfing - Flakie
Sally Hansen  - Ivory Skull - White
LA Girl - Flare - Flushed - Orange
Acrylic Paint - Blue
Seche Vite

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