Friday, 14 March 2014

Nail Polish in Need of Filing!

OK, this is a post on how my daughter and I do our manicures, take photos, edit, write posts etc etc. Then you move on to the next manicure and the next, and before you know it, every free surface is covered in polishes that have not been put away!  Now I don't have a nice work station to do my nails, I use the dining room table. All my stash is in helmers that are upstairs in my bedroom.  I do have a box I put my polishes in when I finish with them but they don't always get filed straight away.  These two photos show a box with a small haul plus some extras I have used and a bag full of nail polish that both my daughter and I used from January to mid February!

These have now been filed away, it took me just over half an hour or so to put them away.  Half an hour that I could have done another manicure in!

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