Friday, 21 March 2014

KIKO Mini Haul

OK, so last Friday I was really tempted to get me some Nails Inc polish.  They had 3 different sets with 8 polishes at £20 each.  I nearly got two of the sets.  But then remembered that KIKO still had a bit of a sale on some of the shades.  I went to have a look and changed my mind about NI, instead I put 17 shades of KIKO in my basket and bought them instead.  They arrived yesterday, and I am very pleased.

Very well packaged.

The only downside with the polish bottle is that it only has a number on it and not the name of the shade!  So I have printed out some labels and stuck them on the bottles.
Right, here we go, what I got.....

337 Periwinkle Violet, 366 Rose Terracotta, 336 Electric Blue
380 Medium Grey, 384 Gentian Blue, 394 Olive Green,
386 Light Pastel Blue, 292 Light Grape, 334 Dark Violet 
279 Yellow, 339 Cornflower, 245 Pearly Dark Ruby
348 Camouflage Green, 225 Bordeaux Red, 265 China Blue

311 Electric Pink, 329 Pale Gray
Can you tell I like blue.  My helmer is one whole drawer full of blue, I may have to start another.
Happy Weekend all. x

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