Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sponged Gradient and Water Decal Roses

I did these nails last Wednesday.  I thought I had plenty of time before my Zumba class. After all it is just sponging on some colour, apply decal, topcoat and off I go.  Wrong..... I used acrylic paints for the gradient, easy, then a coat of BM on my pinky, easy, applied the decals, quite simple and easy.  Then dabbed on the glitter on my pinky. While that was drying, I applied a coat of SV top coat to the rest of the manicure, checked my pinky and to my horror it was still wet!  I had 10 minutes to get to my class, and at that moment my mobile goes, and it's my friend asking where I was (she is waiting to walk up with me) Arrgghh, I apply the SV to my pinky, start the clean up of the acrylic paint on my skin with a damp toothbrush, rushing like mad I manage, just about. Wipe my hands and to my horror I have smudged my pinky polish right off :(   I don't think I applied SV to it.  With no time to spare I apply a plaster and off I go, meeting my friend and getting to class with a couple of minutes to spare!  Fixed the pinky on my return.

Not easy when there is somewhere you need to be.  Lesson learnt.  Here is the stressful manicure in question:

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