Monday, 5 October 2015

Pink Gradient and Water Decals -10 February 2015

I love doing gradient manicures with a sponge.  I am quite good at the sponging where I don't get too much polish on my skin, therefore clean up is not bad at all.

But I had bought a small bottle of liquid latex a while back and thought would give it a go. I did do a video but the lighting was awful, so just could not share it.

However, I will say it was not as easy to peel off as all the tutorials I've seen at all.  As you can see from the second photo, I made quite a mess but the latex stuck near my nail beds and I had to use acetone to remove it.  I have not used it since as I find it too long winded.  But it was fun peeling it off where it was thick enough!

Nail polish/lacquer used:

Nail water decals I purchased from Aliexpress (see post here).

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