Friday, 13 May 2016

Elegant Corset Decal Nails

I did this elegant manicure way back in March.  I met up with my bestie school friends, we had not met up for over fifteen to twenty years!  But we have over the years kept in touch via social media.

The meet up was arranged in a matter of days.  We were just chatting as one of them is having a birthday party in June. We were all saying how we were looking forward to it and meeting up, but what a shame it was such a long time away, we just over the course of a day or two decided why wait....  and set a date later that week to meet up.

I wanted something simple but elegant and I had had these decals in my stash for ages (bought from Aliexpress), so what a good reason to use them.

The polishes as used pictured above.  The glitter one I've used loads of times, unfortunately it is not named, bought from Ebay.  It is beautiful. As was the evening spent with beautiful lovely ladies, who I am proud to say are MY friends.  Love them xx

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