Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Models Own Hedkandi - Ibiza Mix Sandwich

This weekend I popped into Boots and got me a great glitter (well two - you need a back up - right?).  Ibiza Mix - a multi-coloured and multi-textured glitter.  I must have ... or two.  This first picture is IM over two coats of Zoya Iris.  I found it better to dab on IM to get a better effect.  But that's not all, over IM I also dabbed on a bit of silver glitter just for that little bit more sparkle.
IM has now been sandwiched, one final coat of Zoya Iris to seal it.  A great effect if I do say so myself.
Have you got IM yet?  If not why not?  I know there are several similar ones out there, but this is the only one I could get my hands on and am I glad.
Items used:
Zoya - Iris - blue base
Models Own - Ibiza Mix
LA Colors - Sparkling Diamonds
Seche Vitte top coat


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