Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ask a British Blogger...."How do you store your polish?"

I've trying to write this post for ages but just couldn't get my head round it.  So I have come to the conclusion to just go for it.  So here goes......

Before I started blogging my polish collection was already growing steadily, mainly OPI, as I had a wonderful store in the USA who sold it at a reasonable price and shipping was really good too to the UK. But then OPI made a big thing about e-tailers selling OPI online and this particular store sold off all their OPI in a big sale- i couldn't resist and bought a whole load!  Up to this point my polish was stored in biscuit tins, which were categorised by make and then by colour.  I must have had at least six or seven tins.

Then I found blogging and a replacement for OPI (which I still buy but only at sales prices) - China Glaze, LA Girl, BarryM, Color Club but to name a few.  My nail polish addiction well and truly started and spiralled out of control and  my stash started to grow and I needed a better way to store...... that is when I heard of the Helmer from Ikea.

I bought my first Helmer (see post here, here and here) way back in April 2011, I put my stash in it and it was nearly full. By the end of the week I had to go back and get my second one for the rest of my ever growing collection. By September 2011 my collection and addiction got worse and we had to pop back and get another Helmer.  But this time I bought a spare as well just in case!..... aaaggghhhhhh.  So at present I have three Helmers and they are all full!  I need to make up my fourth one for the new haul I have from Fragrance Direct and other outlets.  I also have a handy carry box in which I put my nail gems, stickers that I use regularly along with other bits and bobs.  Another visit to Ikea also beckons ...... perhaps?

At the moment I store by colour, but I have SO many unused polish/lacquer that I need to think of another way of storing/filing so I use those in one way or another.

So that's it, I use Helmers for storage and I love them as they hold so much and are quite reasonably priced.

And now.... picture heavy, here is my collection as @ present (with about 40 odd still to be filed!)


  1. I'm at a loss for words. This is so AWESOME!! I'm super jealous hahaha ;) What a fantastic post!

    1. Thanks Stefanie, I am a little embarrassed as the polish buying has got a bit out of hand! lol


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