Monday, 7 March 2011

Make an Entrance

I was going through my list of China Glaze nail lacquer this weekend and couldn't find this one.  I checked my invoices, emails of my order etc, and it was there.  So where had it gone, was I going mad?  No, I was not, I had filed it in the wrong box, phew what a relief.  Anyway after all the trouble it had caused me, it had to be worn.  Another one of my "yet to be worn".  So here it is in all its bright pink glory, China Glaze - Make an Entrance.  It applied beautifully, two coats here with a coat of seche vite on top.  Love it.
Above three taken outside
Taken inside 
Later in the evening, I added black tips.  I used an un-named black by Honeypot Cosmetic, a cheapie polish bought at a cheapie shop in the high street.  This is one thickish coat of black.

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