Saturday, 5 March 2011

My Head2Toe HAUL! - WARNING............

.....................PICTURE HEAVY.......

Would like to say a big thank you to Head2Toe Beauty for shipping my order so quickly.  Perfectly packaged, even the little CG boxes had the poly chips in them.  Only hold up was this end in the UK in customs (nearly 3-4 days!), and unfortunately had to pay a small sum for customs and handling etc.  But it was still worth it.  I managed to get more of my blue lacquer (which I simply can't have enough of) but I also got my Crackle polish YAY, can't wait to play.  I also got the Anchors Away collection, I could not help it.  But as you can see as well as the Seche Vite Restore, I also got a few other shades to add to my ever growing collection!  I also got my first Color Club Lacquer.  I hope to get more soon!!


  1. Wow! It's like Christmas as a kid - so many new toys which one do you play with first?

  2. Oooh lush colours, coconut kiss is gorgeous xx

  3. looove the blues :) in belgium they ask for custom fee for all orders over 23 usd, so i ship to my mom in the netherlands ;)
    was shipping cost reasonable for this huuuge order? can't wait for your swatches, you should have gotten some cuticle oil for those poor cuticles after swatching sessions haha :)

  4. DesertNails8: It is like Christmas lol. But I have saved and waited to get these.

    Nicole: I have wanted Coconut Kiss for ages, can't wait to try it.

    Crystaliciousss: Shipping was ok about $61 and this end customs was £35.


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