Thursday, 30 June 2011

Color Club - Take Me To Your Chateau

I had been lemming this colour for ages.  I finally placed an order and managed to bag this beauty.
So this is the colour I am wearing this week.  I did though have trouble applying it.  It was very streaky and trying to go over the bald patches just seemed to make it worse.  I soon learnt and so just stopped and covered in the second coat.  In the end not too bad a coverage.  A beautiful pale blue creme colour.
A bit picture heavy, I could not choose out of all these!


A few days later I updated my manicure.  I added some random stripes using Sinful Color - Hot spot.  Never again, especially after a long hard day at work and home! This took way too long to do.  But worth it, just.
Then, a day later I went to see Take That at Wembley Stadium:-


  1. killah nails!!!

    You are rocking this color!!!

  2. Paillette: thanks, I added some fun to this manicure, will share soon. x


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