Thursday, 19 July 2012

BFF - Striping Tape Challenge

Hello, this is the 3rd instalment of the BFF challenge.

This was my 1st pick - a manicure using striping tape.

I had a certain idea in my head and it looked better in there.  But once I finished it was nothing like I pictured it.  Having said that this was done after a good Zumba class, I sat in bed a t 9pm last night, took just over an hour to do, and the results:

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  1. I think this is a great success and looks fab :-)

  2. Oh wow, this is so pretty! You and Sally actually kept the striping tape on your nails, lol. I love the added depth and shine the tape gives to this; great job!

  3. i know!
    i was originally planning a diff tape mani than what i did but when i did it, i didn't like it.
    so i had to redo it.

    that still looks pretty nonetheless,hun!


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