Thursday, 12 July 2012

Yabba Dabba Doooooo!

I have just joined a new group and this is my first long term challenge that I am taking part in.
The great graphic for this group is designed by the lovely Emma of Manicurity.  Isn't it fab.

Any hoot we are doing a series of challenges, two per week.  Each member has chosen two themes and we will be posting these on a Thursday and Saturday. There a total of 8 members so this will be running for 8weeks with a total of 16 challenges, phewyyy. 

Our challenge for this first week is as chosen by Thiamere of On Beauty Stuff and What Else's.
She has chose Cartoon/Animes and Pink/Girly/Lacey.

My cartoon challenge.  When I was growing up, we watched this show ALL the time and I loved it.  So I did my nails inspired by The Flintstones, this is as you may have guessed Fred Flintstones top and tie.  Simple but that is all I could muster up this week. Not bad... if I do say so myself :o)
Items used:
OPI - Flit a Bit - Orange
Acrylic Paint - black and blue
Seche Vite

Go check out all the other ladies who are taking part in this challenge:

Emma of Manicurity
Alyssa of Fancy Phalanges
Sally of Nail Pron


  1. wow!
    the flintstones!
    these brings memories back... i remember the time when i used to sit in front of the TV watching it..hahaha!
    great mani,sweetie

  2. Thanks tHiAmErE. This was quite hard, but I'm glad I chosr I simple design.

  3. Aww, so cute - great and fun mani!

  4. love this! This is so awesome!

  5. oh wow how great is this awesome work!


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