Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Home Made Cuticle Oil - 8 April 2014

Ok, am on catch-up here.

I have not blogged seriously since about June last year.
Life, work and family took over. I also lost the passion for blogging.  So having read so many blogger articles especially the one by The Crumpet here, I took a break.  A lonnnnng break.

But I feel like I want to log all my photos somehow, so am going to try to write very short posts and hope to post all my nails since last year.

It is going to be a lengthy process, but this post is a start.


Last year my daughter and I ventured into making our own cuticle oil.  The recipe is the very popular one found on the web and it turned out really well. (I don't have recipe to hand, but once I find it, will make a new post).

We have been using it all the time and it is a god send to those dry cuticles.
Once made we did the naked nail challenge.
pic. 1 day 1 without oil
pic. 2 day 1 with oil
pic. 3 day 2 with oil
The nails look slightly bruised, they were a bit painful too, not having polish on I guess they took in more water?? You can also see that they have gone slightly out of shape and appear longer? I guess again because they are naked they are prone to "soaking" in more liquid.

pic. 4 day 3 with oil
Again they felt a little painful, but the bruising seems to have gone down.  They soak up the oil so quickly, I was using it 3-4 times a day if not more.
pic. 5 day 4
Shape getting back to that of day 1 now, and not so bruised. Still soaking up the oil.
pic. 6 day 4
Change of nail shape, I decided to go slightly stiletto shape. I really like this shape.


  1. They're looking great! I know how it is to be blogging on and off. I think I stopped for like a year and a half? I'm trying to get back into it as well (:

    1. Thank you Aisuru Nails. I did not stop painting my nails, but stopped blogging. But now its summer holidays, more time, so time to catch up. x


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