Friday, 4 June 2010

China Glaze Prize Winning Mare

Sunday 9 May 2010

My nails at a few weeks growth. Not bad, I have been using OPI Avoplex oil every night and it is great for my nails and cuticles.

Anyway, on with my manicure this weekend. This week I chose China Glaze, Prize Winning Mare. In the bottle it does not look too good. A browish copper kind of colour. I was beginning to wonder why I had bought it in the first place! Anyway since I had, I thought I may as well try it on. Again, it was easy to apply and was opaque in two coats. And to be honest it didn’t look too bad. It has a micro glitter/shimmer to it which is always a good thing.

A few days later, I got bored so applied my new Gosh Rainbow and voila, a new manicure, Nice.

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