Friday, 4 June 2010

Naked Nails for a Day

Sunday 23 May.
As you may have read, last week when I wore the Gosh Pink Rose shade, the kids at school did not believe that they were my own nails. To prove to them, I went in with ..... yes..... NAKED NAILS. Well almost, I had my nail envy on.

<.......Left hand not so good.

Right hand looking good........>

But Monday evening they had to be dressed. I had a few weeks earlier got my Nail polish and stuff haul from TransDesign. And amongst the haul was my long sought after OPI Greenwich Village. My daughter chose this to be the colour for the week.

Nice application ofcourse, not a colour I normally wear but I just had to have it, it really reminds me of summer, lush green grass, oh and hayfever. Can't win them all.

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