Monday, 14 June 2010

HELP - Makeup/Nail Ideas for Prom

My daughter's prom is in a few weeks, July the 1st to be exact, and I was wondering if anyone had any prom nails or make-up ideas to go with this dress.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome. it'll take a little bit of pressure off of me.
Many thanks, :)


  1. How about creme purple base with glittery purple funky french?

  2. Thanks Rhea. You know the accessories (shoes, clutch bag, jewelery)etc are beginning to arrive so maybe that will make it easier? Accessories are going to be a pale pink I think? Will post photos, that may help.

  3. I think this would look awesome: It's simple and it won't take attention from that gorgeous dress! :)

  4. I'd wear a simple make up, just to accent her best features (eyes, lips) - coordinated with her eye color, but certainly not purple eye shadow. And for the nails - anything in the color of the dress or her accessories. She looks like a doll in this dress. The first time I saw it I thought the dress is on a mannequin. =)

  5. LOL, sasha, she insisted on trying it on, AGAIN, and then wanted me to photo for the blog. She did not know what to do with her arms, and did not want me to photo her face as she did not have any makeup on!

  6. lovely dress !!
    you can do a french and the white line do with a purple glitter like nubar purple glitter !

    i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!


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