Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Inspired - Valentine's Manicure 001

9 February 2013
This was my manicure before valentines day. It was inspired by Kelsie's Nail Files here.  Mine's a bit messy, sorry, done late at night.  But overall I think it looked great.  I have to also mention the lacquer I used here.  I was looking for some more nail polish bargains at fragrancedirect when I came across this new brand (new to me anyway) PIA.  The bottles look exactly like OPI and even the logo etc on the front of the bottle is very OPIesque.  The shades looked great (28 in all) and the price was good also.  Before I knew it, I had them all my basket and paid for them.  I was very pleasantly surprised when the package arrived.  I have to say also that these applied beautifully and were almost opaque in one coat, I applied two for this manicure.
Have you heard/bought PIA lacquer?  If so what is your opinion on them?
Unfortunately these don't have names only numbers, such a shame. 
Items Used:
OPI Nail EnvyItems
Seche Vite
PIA - 09 - Red
PIA - 11 - Light Pink
Acrylic Paint - Black
Bronze Nail art pen

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