Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tickle me with a Feather! and Black or White?

First of all these pics are taken again with my new camera which I still cannot master, but I must use it! These photos were taken by a window in natural light indoors in a light background.  My skin tone is a little lighter but the lacquer colour is correct.

I am also posting some photos taken about two hours later (4.30pm GMT London).  In the same place but with a black background. I know there is a natural light difference so I will do this experiment again and see which I prefer or you as a reader.  I still need to play around with the focus and light and everything else, but what do you think? White background or black background?

Now to the manicure......

I have seen a lot of feather nail art and I was inspired by loads.  I can't possibly name you all, but if you have done feather nail art I owe you this inspiration.  My favourite is the ring finger.  I have also re-shaped my nails back to square.  I did not have the courage to file them all one length to match the short middle finger, it will have to catch up and then I will get them all the same.

These first three photos are taken in the pale background of my window.
The following are taken with a black background, same place but about 2 hours later.
Items Used:
OPI Nail Envy
Seche Vite
China Glaze - Sugar High -Pink
PIA - 17 - Orange
Acrylic Paint - Pink and Orange
Glitter Nail Pen - Pink


  1. I have found that I prefer the look of a black background, but when I'm taking my pictures the white is more colour accurate and black gives me lobster hands

    1. Thanks Emma. I think I prefer the white background also. But as these were taken two hours apart I can't judge accurately. I will do a comparison again on my next manicure.

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    Kisses and thanks in advance.


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