Sunday, 8 May 2011


I have not been on for a while, kids, life, half term, back to work etc got in the way.  I did however manage to do my nails just not enough time to load on here.  So this is just a re-cap of what I wore in April.

12 APRIL 2011
This is OPI Give me the Moon.  A nice light shade and great application.

18 APRIL 2011
China Glaze - Thistle.  We went to the London Aquarium today, it was a treat for my daughter as it was her 17th yesterday and that is what she wanted to do!  I have also filed my nails down a little, not too short but not long either!

24 APRIL 2011
LA Girl - Light Show. A bright vibrant orange.  I did a little nail art with the dots here, they come out white, but in actual fact they are a pale blue, just my camera refusing to pick up the colour!

27 APRIL 2011
Zoya - Felina.  An oldie that I have had for years but I don't think I have ever worn it!  So here it is.
Just noticed in this last Zoya set of pictures, my cuticles are just awful.  Did I mention I have been helping re-decorate my sons bedroom?  Maybe that is why.  Or it could be that I have been neglecting them, I must start applying my cuticle oil as often as possible.

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