Monday, 2 May 2011

Nail Dis-colouration!

11 April 2011
Just wanted to show how awful the nail discolouration of my nails is.  They have been like this for a few weeks now.  I have tried all sorts of ways to whiten or clean them up but to no avail.  Oh well, just as well they get dressed or they would look awful naked :o)


  1. If you think yours are bad, you should see mine! It's one of the chemicals in polish that causes it. I had a clear polish that yellowed my nails worse than any other polish ever has. :o(

  2. they honestly dont look that badly stained

    shel xx

  3. Evil Angel:
    Isn't it awful, some you would perhaps expect to stain don't and the ones you think it'll be fine uh uh. This staining was from a yellow shade would you believe!!!

    Irishenchantment: Trust me they look worse IRL. It must have been bright outside to not look as bad.


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