Sunday, 22 May 2011

Purple Sponge Gradient

Well I had my green gradient sponge manicure on for three days and I could have gone all weekend with it on but I had to have a change.  After doing nails for a friend earlier on on Friday afternoon, it was time for me to do mine. But one thing I will say is what a b****r it was to take off the nail stickers.  I even wrapped my nails in foil for a while but it still took me ages to get them off.  I liked the gradient sponge so did it with purple this time.

The colours I used were China Glaze Who's Wearing What for the cuticle area, OPI Funky Dunkey for the mid section and Avon Midnight Plum for the tips.  I added nails stickers for some more effect, a coat of SV and voila.
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