Wednesday, 11 May 2011

FFF and Short Nails

No I am not swearing ..... Freebie Fashion Fawn!

My DH was going to Sainsbury's this weekend and I just happened to mention that if he saw InStyle magazine, would he be nice enough to buy one...or two... or even all three!  He got me all three and this is one of the colours that came free with it. You can also get it (or all three) in the June issue of InStyle Magazine.  It was lovely to apply and opaque in two.  You may also notice I CUT down my nails, on my RH they were splitting and chipping and so I just cut them all to the same size.  Hopefully they will soon start growing again.
This is not at all true to colour - REASON mega strong sunshine! :o) 
Then for a bit of fun I added some flowers using my ever trustworthy black nail polish by Honeypot Cosmetics and dotting tool.  To add a bit of sparkle a rhinestone in the middle.


  1. HAH! You think your nails are short? I think they're at a perfect length! (and pretty long, actually, but that's just imo, haha) I don't think I could ever grow my right hand nails out that long. Beautiful nail color. <3 it :)

  2. Kathryn:
    Thank you Kathrn and welcome to my little blog. Length is ok but I do prefer them a little longer. This is too short for me! lol.


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