Monday, 6 January 2014

A Rosy Skittlette

Well the Christmas Holidays are over and it was back to work/school today.  Though I was not looking forward to getting up while still dark and having to endure all day at work, I thought I would wear a nice and breezy manicure to cheer me up.

I was all set to go, but finding all my stuff was not easy.  My daughter had had a clear out for the Christmas hols and things were everywhere.  I found the box I was after, got out the things I needed, went to put the box back, it slipped and did not want to go back in its place and I ended up snapping the whole of my index nail (which I might add I had been gluing together for the best part of about 3 weeks). I also broke an edge of my middle finger.  So they are even shorter than before.

But personally I think the design I have on is much better on these shorter nails, so I won in the end.
Anyway, onto the manicure, the top photo shows the skin still on my index finger, too painful to cut off so it had to stay.

...... in this picture I photo shopped the skin out.
Items Used:
China Glaze - Agent Lavender - for the base on nails from pinky to index
For the Roses I used Sinful Colors Easy Going, China Glaze Dance Baby and Nails Inc Shoreditch.  For the leaves I used OPI Don't Mess with OPI.
The glitter on the pinky is LA Girl Rockstar Overdose.
On the thumb I used CG Dance Baby, taped it off with striping tape and did a coat of CG AL.
Topped it all off with a coat of SV and voila.


Thanks for looking.