Saturday, 25 January 2014

Geisha Nail Water Decals - XF1265

Another decal manicure to share.  Again an old manicure done back in October 2013.  This is the second lot of decals from a haul back in October (read here).  I had seen these on various blogs and on the internet and just had to have me some!
As lovely as they are they were not what I expected.  The ones I had seen blogged about covered the whole nail, these just looked too small.  Had I been duped?  Not at all.  Upon further investigation I found there were two types of decal in this same design, a small image decal (like mine) and a larger image decal.
I used them anyway as they are so pretty.  But I think my placement of the decal does not do it or my manicure any justice.  I should have either placed them near the top at the cuticle or the bottom near the free edge (another note to self!)
Items used:
Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street
LA Girl - Sterling Silver
AliExpress - Geisha nail water decals
OPI Nail Envy
Seche Vite

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