Saturday, 4 January 2014

MoYouNails Nella Milano One Coat Nail Polish Review

My first review yayyyyy :)

I was recently contacted by MoYouNails on behalf of OMG Marketing who are the manufacturers of  Nella Milano and MoYou Nails.  As you can imagine I was totally gobsmacked and thrilled.

Anyway they asked if I would be interested in choosing and reviewing 3 of their new one coat nail polishes which are made in Italy.

Well I jumped at the chance.

I set about and perused their site here and chose these 3 lovely beauties (with my daughters help).

These are from left to right - Lilac, Desire Red and Turquoise.
I must point out that these are as true to colour as I could get them.  The weather here in the UK today has been appalling!  Bright and sunny one minute and black as night the next.  It started off bright and sunny and with each swatch it got darker and darker. But I think I have managed to capture the correct shade and colour.

These are lovely 9ml bottles of polish and they have a beautiful wide brush that applies the polish wonderfully on the nail.

This first one is Lilac.  This first picture is one coat and unfortunately you can still see VNL.  But this could be due to the fact that I have quite opaque nail tips but I think you would definitely need two coats of this shade.  
This second photo shows two coats and I would say this is more true to colour than the one coater.  It applied beautifully and as you can see in the first photo, even with just one coat it is smooth, no streaks at all. I love it on with two coats.  Both are without top coat and still shiny.
Onto shade number two -  Desire Red.   I love this colour.  In this picture it looks a bit on the pink side but it is a true red, this is one coat and if you were in a hurry, one coat of this and a quick dry top coat, you could be out the door in no time.
Now this second picture is two coats and definitely true to colour.  Doesn't it look gorgeous?  Again both are without top coat and look at the shine.
The final third one is Turquoise. Again like the other two applied beautifully even with one coat no streaks and a beautiful shine. Again you could easily get away with one coat and top coat.
This second photo is with two coats and no topcoat.  Look, again how it shines.
I love these polishes.  The formula has a wonderful consistency and the brush is lovely to paint with.  I would say however say that the paler shades would probably need two coats but the darker shades are a one coater.  I have not applied a top coat on these swatches and they were shiny.  I wish I had applied top coat, I can only imagine how much they would shine then.  

So, if you would like to own these or their other shades, pop on over to their site here to peruse and purchase.  

*These were sent to me for a review. *


  1. Great review! I found the same as you, the darker shades are brilliant one coaters x

    1. Thank you Char. I was nervous writing this up. I hope it is ok,

  2. They look great on the nails, love the turquoise!
    vicki xx

    1. Thank you. I love the red best then the turquoise.


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